Energy exists in many forms and can be changed from one form to another (transformed) as it moves through a system.

*Energy can be found in moving objects, light, sound, and heat.
*Light from the sun is an important source of energy for living and nonliving systems and some source of energy is needed for all organisms to stay alive and grow.
*Vibrating objects make sound and sound can make things vibrate; the bigger the vibration, the louder the sound and the faster the vibration the higher the perceived pitch.
*To have a sound you need to have a source, a medium, and a receiver.
*Moving objects in contact with each other produce heat, and electrical, mechanical, and living things often produce heat.
*When warmer things are put with cooler things, the warmer things get cooler and the cooler things get warmer until they are all at the same temperature.
*Electric circuits may produce or use light, heat, sound and magnetic energy.
*Electric circuits require a closed pathway through which an electric current can pass.
*Materials have different properties. Some materials transfer heat more rapidly than others or some materials conduct electricity better than others.

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